Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lego Quilt finished

And here it is on our queen-sized bed.  I had decided to back it with polar fleece, and skip the batting.  With all the seams on the front, this is a HEAVY quilt.

I asked Catherine to use an over-all quilting pattern with some curves to it.  This scroll pattern shows up well on the back with the black thread, and really disappears on the front.

After I got the quilt back, I simply cut the fleece one inch bigger than the top, turned it to front and zig-zagged it down.  A very easy finish as a break from my work on clearing the bed in the sewing room.  But nice to be able to add one more finish to the list for 2011.



A light dusting of snow to brighten the ground
Progress on clearing the bed
Beginning the pre-Christmas "O" Antiphons tonight


Jodi said...

That's a fabulous quilt! Great idea about leaving out the batting.

cityquilter said...

sara, bed looks like that but i have to clean it off every night...LOL; love your magic forest, beautiful and i agree about black, i hardly ever use it anymore. i moved up to charcoal, big difference. and the lego quilt? zowie! that is sooo busy and colorful!

sophie said...

It's an amazing quilt!

Julie Fukuda said...

That is one wild quilt! I like the idea to use fleece on the back.

Sharon said...

Oh my, that looks like such a fun to quilt to snuggle up with and to just look and look at! I really like your idea of fleece on the back. Now it's just right for wintertime in Michigan! Wonderful - and congratulations!