Monday, February 18, 2013

Stash Report - Feb. 18

Part of the stash

FABRIC USAGE                  OUT                  IN        

This Week:                      -12.33 yar         +  3.75

Year to Date:                   -23,43 yards      -+14.25

Net Yards for 2013:         - 9.18 yards

I finished the Carolina Crossroads quilt for  Jose, which used over 12 yards of fabric,  That quilt has a LOT of seams, which add a half inch each.  Photo in a day or two,
I should have a good report next week also because I have received back four quilts from Catherine, my lang-arm quilter.  Just need to trim and bin. those.

I am also keeping count of how much money I am spending on quilting this year, following Nann's example,  I am already just over $500, which surprises me,  That's a reason for keeping track.  My big expenses have been a retreat and two  wool batts,

Jose is supposed to arrived tomorrow!  We plan to go to the airport for a short greeting, and then Peter and Lynne will bring him over for dupper on Wednesday.He has asked for scrambled eggs and refried beans for his first dinner, so we are thinking that hamburgers might be good for the second.



Recliner chair when I can't sleep in bed
Crispy bacon
Sunshine again today

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cityquilter grace said...

sara you are right it DOES add up very quickly. i kept track all last year, and will do so this year as well, and it is surprising and a harsh reality check. and sorry to hear about your MD, what you accomplish is even more amazing considering your situation.