Friday, February 29, 2008

Still quilting Carolina Crossroads

Thought I should show a photo of my sewing machine with the Carolina Crossroads quilt in process of being quilted. I had previously, at a retreat, matched up the four parts with backing fabrics and batting. The middle two pieces were then quilted and sewn together, front and back.

When I came home from the retreat, other projects took precedence. Today I was ready to work on the next section becauseother things were finished. I have to admit that it helps that the kitchen got cleaned, and there was a clear, clean counter bar on which I could do the pinning.

So this is the third piece, I got it pinned, and it is about 2/3 quilted, stitch in the ditch. I am still considering whether or NOT to do some additional quilting in the middle of those "empty" squares. But if I did, what would it be? Good thing there is time to think more while I finish the quilting part!

Tomorrow the whole day will be spent driving to Ann Arbor with the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus for a day long workshop/event for women's choruses. We will hear 12 other choruses, and sing ourselves for about 10 minutes. And every chorus will be "adjudicated". I think this means we will get to hear from an expert how we failed to be perfect. Oh well, Other choruses are always interesting! Just no quilting will get done.



Another day of quiet

Clean house

Charlie liked dinner


Kathy Wagner said...

Love the sight of the CC mystery being quilted! I want to get to mine asap!

Debbi said...

Sara, You are right! Our colors are very similar. Our quilts could be twins! I like it without the sashings too. Quilting in sections is a very good solution for dealing with quilting on you DSM. I have a friend who does it all the time, she uses different methods depending on the quilt...sometime in rows sometimes in blocks. I will quilt it on my HQ16 thankfully but it really isn't easy to SID on it and I miss that in my quilting. You're doing great and almost done...I'm jealous! Debbi