Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to "Your Way" Mystery

Our bee, the SpoolSpinners, finished the instructions for making the blocks of the "Your Way" mystery last month. Above you see the four sizes of blocks we have made so far. I made a lot of mine while Charlie and I were in Florida in March.
Now we are to sew the smaller three variously together into BIGGER blocks-- 12.5". We will end with 15 of the large blocks.

The method is to place all the small pieces needed for each block onto a paper plate, stack them up, and then sew those pieces together, one plate full at a time.

Some plates have the same combination of pieces. Here are two different ways of putting together one 9.5" block, three 3.5" blocks and two spacers of background fabric. The instructions, as usual, are to do this "your way". Or your choice about how to place them to make a 12.5" block.

I chose the Shoofly block in red with a black center. And they have gotten more "wonky" or wacky the further I go.



Breakfast with Cursillo friends

Love working with black, white and RED


Louise SS said...

Wow, you are on a roll! Fun to see your projects.

Jeanne said...

Hi Sara,
This is the mystery project I started last summer and just recently resumed.

I made one additional block and decided on a 4 x 4 layout. Just got the blocks assembled this week, and I'm pondering borders.

I'll be watching your progress!


Rose Marie said...

What a great idea for using paper plates ... every piece is at hand and you don't have to worry about missing pieces.