Friday, August 7, 2009

Lake Michigan beach

For those of you who do not know what it is like to "go to Lake Michigan", here are some pictures of where we settled by the lake and then our walk along the beach yesterday.

We enjoy the places where there are not very many people.

So you see,we have an extensive sand beach, in fact it extends for almost the whole length of the east side of Lake Michigan. If you can get to the waterline, then you have a puyblic right to walk within six feet of the water.

When you are tired of walking, you can play in the water, or simply sit and enjoy looking at and hearing the waves. [And there is no salt in the water!]
The wonder of this Great Lake
FRESH corn on the cob again for dinner!
Car muffler fix only took 45 minutes of my tiime and $60


grammilou said...

One of the great treats of my childhood was a visit to Lake Michigan: Ottawa Beach, Tunnel Beach, the CRC Conference Grounds! We had great picnics with our closest friends and relatives. I remember one terrific sunburn that peeled most of the skin from my back!
To my great delight D.H. and I will be at a cousins' reunion on Lake Michigan in August. I'm so looking forward to it! But this time I'll use sunscreen.

Carol, Song of Joy said...

Seeing your photos was the next best thing to being "home" on what we used to call "Mother Lake". Thank you, Sara!!