Tuesday, August 11, 2009

End of Camp

We went to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp to see the junior camp presentations from their"minor" subjects on Saturday.
SaraRachel was in Drama and John was in Jazz (on the violin).
They had one more night of camp.

We had a birthday dinner with Peter and Lynne at their property, Squirrelbane, near Lake Michigan,
and slept in their pop-up camper with them through a very entertaining couple of thunderstorms. However, we did stay dry. In the morning our wineglasses, left on the picnic table were FULL of water.

Then up and over to BLFAC in the morning to pick up all the gear and attend the Final Concert for their session. The band and the orchestra shared the stage.

SaraRachel and John "happened" to have seats right next to each other!
Here they are before the concert started,

After the concert we drove the kids home to St. Louis, MO, arriving about 8:00 pm our time, nine hours together.
They were glad to see their parents!

kids made new friends at camp
Safe travel both ways
Tasty fried chicken lunch made for us by Kate

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