Thursday, August 20, 2009

Your Way Progress + IBOL

This is the current state of the mystery for me. I put all the largest blocks on the bottom to weighit down, or look like things are "settling". Now I think that they run together and don't hold their individual shape. Maybe I'll have to put in some more coping bars.

I showed this at our SpoolSpinners bee meeting tonight. And I also got seven of them to take flat rate postal boxes to send to the Iraqi Bundles of Love project []. Everyone agreed that it is a very small box compared to their stash! Hope any readers will look into this project too.


I had a serious optical scare today, My opthalmologist sent me straight over to a retinologist because I had developed "wet" macular degeneration in my right eye. This expert said it was like I had had a heart attack, and there was no time to "consider" what treatment to take, just DO IT. This meant that he inserted a hypodermic needle into my eyeball and injected medicine into the back of my retina. And this will have to be done every four weeks for an indeterminate future to hopefully save my eyesight.

I was shocked and immensly aware of how precious my sight is.

Why am I not more attentive to the beauties before me?

Why should I spend any time looking at and working on frugal projects if they are ugly?



The time I still have to look at this beautiful world.

The calmness of a competent doctor and all his helpers

That I drove home safely


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Oh, dear Sara, my heart hurts for you. That must have been a terrible ssshock! At the same time, at least the injections can help, plus each time they'll check the other eye and thus get right on top of it if it should develop the "wet" kind. I have a close friend who has this same problem and the injections have helped. You are very much in my prayers! With love, Carol

Brenda said...

Take care of yourself. I hope that all goes well. I do think it doesn't matter how well we can see -- we shouldn't be working on ugly projects.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh dear Sara...that is so scarey. I think I would have to be highly medicated for me to tolerate a needle in the retina...yikes. Hope the healing is quick and complete.

Sharon said...

Wow, what a scarey thing to happen! I have a friend with Macular Degeneration who is legally blind. She took up quilting after she lost her eyesight. So, thought you might find it a comfort to know that it doesn't mean the end of everything. But I'll pray for you that it doesn't come to that and the Dr. can save your eyesight. Take good care of yourself! And good luck.