Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Your Way" laid out

I finished sewing the large blocks together yesterday.
This morning I made a trial run at laying them out on my bed.Add Image

To my eye the blocks run together. I think I need some more "space" between the Shoofly blocks, at least more space in a few areas. So I am thinking about some basckground sashing/coping bars, not all around the blocks, but maybe one in each row and in each column.
This also looks like a pretty small quilt to me. I always think "bed" when I think quilt. One more column would make it 48" X 60", which is a good size for a middle before borders.
Charlie and I are going over to Lake Michigan this afternoon, and this time I hope I can remember to take some photos! This is a part of retirement that I really like--able to take off on a nice day and go where we want to go.



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Sun in the garden
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Mary said...

I love it -- I don't think the blocks run together.

Terrie Sandelin said...

I like the effect of the large and small blocks put together. A very dramatic quilt!