Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finishing two in Feb

Sewing the binding on the back of Eleanor's Pink & Green Bargello, I found that the quilting lines show up very well through the polar fleece. It is currently in the dryer, so I will take a full photo later. Where is the fabric I was going to use for a matching pillowcase?

And here is how the quiltiing looks on LaShawn's flannel quilt. I told Catherine to make it "more feminine" with flowers, since the front has some pretty masculine fabrics. I just finished the binding and label and it is now in the washer.

I'm planning to mail all three of the quilts for this family on Thursday. Where do I find a big enough box?

We are finally getting some snow. With all the news about the East Coast, we have been feeling left out. Didn't seem right to have hardly anything on the ground in Michigan in January and February! They are forecasting 6-10" today and tonight.


Fun Super Bowl party at Ray and Dianne's
Have managed to keep a food and exercise diary for four days
Day at the sewing machine with snow outside

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Nines said...

Love the progress!! And the month has barely begun. Way to go!