Friday, February 12, 2010

House for NYC homeless

BumbleBeans, at , is soliciting 10.5" house blocks for a project in NYC to benefit the homeless, but no wonkiness allowed. Here's my contribution. Now to get her address and send it off.



I have a home.
I have heat, light & water.
And I know I'll have these for the rest of the month.



Cute!! Aren't you a doll! Whose tat peeking out the window!! Thank you so much!!!

Mego said...

Pretty cute Sara! I can't wait to get out of work and try one!!!

kim said...

What fun to look at this square and see pieces from your recent work. I just love that stripe next to the roof. It was the contrast in a bright earlier quilt. And there is a girl from your Paper Doll quilt fabric. Delightful.

Nines said...

Adorable. The kids loved the little one peeking out the window.