Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two houses

Made a second house for Bumble Beans after I got the envelope ready. I used a "window pane check" fabric to make the windows, but again I made a mistake. This time the roof was too short, so the whole block was not wide enough. I decided that adding a coping strip on the right would be OK. . .make a little space between the houses.

Got back to knitting on the current "last" sock during the Olympic opening ceremony last night. This will be a good reason to stick to that project until it is finished. And, of course, I have several skeins of yarn already purchased for more socks. I can easily have plenty of knitting for the rest of the Olympics!



Chili with Peter and LYnne here last night
Fresh whole wheat bread from Healthy Bread in 5 MInutes a Day
Funny dog behavior


Sandy said...

Awww....I love how you put the little person in the window of the one house.

Sarah said...

Hi Sara, I love your houses! I'm enjoying the Olympics too. I don't think Australia is going to win anything, but that is so not the point. I just love watching all the competitors doing the thing they love. :-)