Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Liberated Amish

I'm participating in a challenge by Tonya, Lazy Gal, to make a liberated Amish style quilt with liberated lettering on the front somewhere. The details are at

Above you see my beginning of an Amish Triangles top based on the sample #93 in the book we are using. I have about as many again which have been added since this photo. And maybe that photo is upside down.

I am now thinking about borders, and more difficult, what words to add, and how to make the letters. This is slowing me down. I am procrastinating. I want to just add the borders and start quilting. No, I have to make some letters.

One thing I did was to sew together a lot of four-patches. That doesn't take much thought.

Another thing I did was to take an old machine quilting practice sample and cut it up and make two hot pads. The bias binding was just lying around in the same place.
So that also put off the making letters for another half hour.

Now I'm reading and watching TV, and looking at the computer.. . . .and not yet making any letters.



Slept in late this morning
Quilt making challenges
Yummy pizza at Vitale's tonight


Millie said...

Sara, just get started making the letters. You can do it! The more you avoid starting, the bigger the whole idea gets in your head until it just becomes insurmountable.

So just GO! I know you can do it, you do beautiful work.

Nines said...

Once you start in with the letters it will go faster than you may think. I enjoy the letter making that Tonya does. You can do it! Plus, I love your liberated start!

KQuiltyBee said...

Ooo--can't wait to see where this ends up.

ROZ said...

Well, I just love it. And great colors, too

Sarah said...

LOVE the liberated Amish! I have only just discovered Gwen Marston's book and have started my first free piecing project. It really is liberating!