Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Start of "Emerald Forest"

Despite all the UFO work, or BECAUSE of all the UFO work, I have started a new quilt.

Here are the batik strips Lynne and I purchased in St. Louis back at Thanksgiving to make a quilt for their queen-sized bed in their newly redecorated bedroom. She saw a sample quilt in the store, and said, "That's IT!" The pattern is called "Emerald Forest".

We bought two "jelly rolls" of Hoffman "Green Tea" batiks, and a couple of FQs in additional colors to add into the mix. Also some yardage for the borders.

I have so far made 22 blocks, which look to me like Kleenex boxes! However, they are pretty easy to construct, and I am whipping along toward the end of having 88 of them.
So, one quarter of the way.



Toenails cleaned and trimmed
Leftover chili for supper, yum!
Got all the cutting done for all the blocks

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