Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quilts sent to St. Louis

Study the muslin back of this quilt and try to imagine it without the straight lines. That's how it came back from the LA quilter. I had told her to use "feminine" designs since it was for a woman, and I thought the back could be used as a whole cloth quilt as an option. Well, I wasn't satisfied with the open spaces, so have spend part of two days wrestling this double-sized quilt through my DSM to get the straight lines filled in.

This takes some of the wrinkles out that appeared after washing and drying. Now I like how it looks, and I am willing to send it to the recipient. The flannel does feel cosy!
I decided if the boy in that family was going to have a matching pillowcase for his quilt, so should his sister. There were some leftover strips from the bargello, so I used them in a fancy cuff.

Then I bundled all four quilts into the car and carried them to the UPS Store, where they have lots of big boxes and will pack and send things for you.

Hooray! That's a big project finished, and it completed 3 UFOs.

I am keeping current--two UFOs projected for each month, and so far I have finished four in two months. Now I can go back to some NEW projects.



Less stuff on the bed in the sewing room
Emptied clothes basket of quilting gear from retreat last fall
Three people who really need a loving quilt will have them next week

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Nines said...

The stitch in the ditch that you did does add a lot to the quilt. I try not to leave a hole bigger than the palm of my hand. Just my rule of, hand! Lovely job and gload you got in in the mail. I have a quilt that needs to fly south, but I'm snowed in.