Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is coming!

While we were visiting Martha and her kids we made the Hobart traditional cut-out cookies, and decorated them the next day with runny frosting and colored sugars.  Here John, Jr. is working on a rooster.

Martha and SaraRachel at work.

Samantha with the LARGE Father Christmas, which always made with the last bunch of dough, which is the toughest to hold out that arm and hand.

We will be a quiet group of five adults having clam chowder before evening church, and then stockings , presents, and "Roast Beast" on Christmas.  Snow on the ground, but none predicted for in the air this year.

My best wishes to all my blog readers for their own holiday celebrations!



Family and food, those are both good things!
Quiet times and festive music.
Trust that God has goodwill towards us and wishes us peace

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