Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RRCB Step 3 completed

Yesterday I finished the fifth 10, and today I finished the sixth 10.  So all 60 are pressed and cut to size.  I am ready for the next clue this coming Friday.  Hoo-ee, I can do something else tomorrow!

Well, I did also take a little time for my "notion holder".

These are close to what I wanted, and I just have to sew together the opening in the lining by hand.  I can put one in the Bee exchange with the "notion" enclosed, and use the other as a gift.   At least the two recipients will be able to tell them apart.  Hmm, guess I'll have to put something in the second one too.

I am reading "The Birth House" by Ami McKay , about a midwife in Nova Scotia around 1915.  Someone on the internet suggested it, so I requested it at the library.  I'm fascinated with how much life has changed in 100 years.
Next up will be "Independent People" by Halldor Laxness, set in Iceland.  Another suggestion from the internet, and received from the library.



Breakfast out 
Hershey miniatures
Advent candles in the darkness


Finn said...

Congratulations on having all your strip set done...and early! That was a BIG job. Love the notion holders, really cute!

Julie Fukuda said...

Good going!
The little pouches are cute too.
I'm a big nut for historical fiction. Right now I am in middle aged in England.

Scrappy quilter said...

Great job on getting them all done. I just finished reading John Grisham's new book The Confession. It was great. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs

Sandra said...

I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed it. The photo of your husband made me think of Father Tim in the Mitford series by Jan Karon. Since Father Tim was also Episcopalian, you have probably read and loved this entire series. I'm thinking it's time I go back to the first one and read them all again.

Lynley said...

Haven't you done well! I just counted my string blocks, after sewing all day, and I have 40! So over halfway, but I better keep going with it. I love your "Sing" block too - that red a wonderful colour for a word.

Quilter Kathy said...

How did you like the Birth House? It's one of the top books for Canada Reads next year!
You sure were quick getting the step 3 blocks finished!