Saturday, December 11, 2010

Party House block

Found an internet site where people are sending in "neighborhood" house blocks, and I remembered that I had this one in my orphan box.  It wasn't big enough for the size they want, so I added two borders.  The plaid is flannel, and the party decorations on the top and bottom made me think that this is the "Party House" in the neighborhood.  The house siding means it's a Quilter's Party House!

Still working on the borders for the Extra Extra Fancy quilt.  I need a few more confetti blocks to put them all the way around.  This HAS to end up big enough for our queen bed, since I like it Sooo much.  Maybe a wool batting.



Fresh bread again
Warm house in the winter
My Sweetie
No worries about Xmas shopping


beth said...

cute. cute.

Finn said...

Love the Party House Sara! I really excellent choice for a neighborhood quilt!! I often use flannel bits in my mile a minute(crumb)blocks. I feel it add a touch of stimulation and the unexpected to the finished quilt. Little unexpected things are an excellent thing to do to the quilts new owner *VBS* Keeps them guessing...right?? Hugs, Finn

cityquilter said...

sara, love your house block, plus your letters too AND those adorable notions holders! you have been a busy gal!

kim said...

What fun you have made with this house block!!! I wonder if my class could make a paper quilt to show a story with the characters, setting,etc. This square could be s kick start for that idea. Thanks Sara!!!

Scrappy quilter said...

Oooh I love your quilt. Great job!!