Monday, December 6, 2010

String piecing

I spent most of the afternoon and evening piecing these string blocks for Bonnie's mystery.  I now have 30 DONE [and the papers removed], three sets of 10 pinned together.  BUT I discovered that I had mis-read the instructions.  We really are supposed to make 60 blocks.  Wow, that's a lot; and it means almost 10 a day.  That's why I worked so hard to make up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Now I'm "on schedule".

Meanwhile I have decided what quilting "notion" to give at our Bee winter party, and I even found a design for the right "handmade" container, and some sewing themed fabric. I made a sample.  I thought I was making the real thing, but I had bought a too short zipper; this made the construction difficult, and result questionable.  So it was a sample.

 I just got the right length zipper on my way home from exercise class, so NOW I'm going to make the real one.

The GRWC concert went well.  We didn't have any train wrecks, the soloists did a good job, and there were some tears in the audience, I heard.  Primarily for "The Women Gather", a Sweet Honey in the Rock song saying violence can find us anywhere; "It doesn't matter where you're living."

I like the line from "The Blessing" that says,
"When you no longer hear my song, my blessing goes with you."  Makes me think of all our mothers and their well-wishing us into the future.



The rest of the bass section
Lori, our director
A warm home and DH


Scrappy quilter said...

They are looking good. Can't wait to see the finish quilt.

the ark said...

I have spent the last week happily reading ALL your blog posts! Now I can't even remember how I "found" your site...but I am SOOOO glad that I did! What an uplifting and inspiring site you have created-good for the quilter in me AND the soul!
Keep it up,please!