Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finished borders to EEF

I keep putting off finishing the final borders on "Extra Extra Fancy".  But now they are ON.  And it is 96" x 106".

I certainly had plenty of materials in my Orphan Box.
It will need a King-sized batt.  But I wanted it to really be able to be tucked under the mattress at the foot, and hang down on the sides.  Everything I have made for our queen bed is a little too narrow and a little too short.  This won't be!

Now to see how long the wait will be for Catherine to quilt it.

I'm calling this another UFO finish.  That make 24 for the year, so I have met my personal challenge of "2 a month in 2010".

[But I still have 15 UFOs left.]



Stayed home all day out of the cold
Christmas package of ham arrived
Christmas package of candy arrived
Wrapped up Secret Sister presents


Scrappy quilter said...

Very impressive getting that many UFO's finished. Great job!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Great going! That certainly will be big enough and a very impressive record of finishes.

Finn said...

Great job Sara, hitting that goal of 24. Just think, if I hadn't flaked out, I could be there too! Darn..oh well, onward into 2011!! I'll try to keep the pace this year *VBS*
Love the EEF top, it's just "too too" as they said back in the 50's!
It's fun, fun, fun. Love seeing how you combine things! Stay warm, more cold is coming, Hugs, Finn