Friday, December 10, 2010

RRCB Step 4 completed

Here they are, 30 easy-peasy two patch sets of 4, each with four one-patchers in green pinned to them.

Along the bottom is my wonky strip of the leftover one inch cut-offs from the 9" strips.  Let's see, 2" X 4 = 8", but she told us to cut 9".  Of course that is the fudge factor in case of foul-ups.  But in most cases the foul-up didn't happen.  I can use this mini pieced strip in my monochromatic Green experiments.

There is a residual problem with the strip blocks in Step 3 of this mystery:  I didn't use up all the strips and strings I had in the paper grocery bag.  And I don't want to schlepp these into a corner somewhere and then run into them in 8 months.  So I just keep making more of the blocks, trying to use up the strings.  So far I have 24 extras, and six in process.  These still aren't going to  use up all the strings.  The really bad part is that what's left in the bag has gotten boring, and I am being tempted to go and cut MORE strings from FQs or stash so that I'll have something "different".  Counter-productive!  I'm holding off this urge currently.  I hope when Bonnie shows us how she is going to use these string blocks, I will get an idea what to do to turn these extras into a baby quilt.

Otherwise it has been a nice quiet day for reading.
Tomorrow, back to the UFOs.



I have plenty of neutral strings!
Dusting of snow overnight made everything bright even tho' no sun
Leftover pasta with pesto for lunch
Peter coming over for dinner


Julie Fukuda said...

Hmmm. A fast worker with time to read... Maybe I need to send some of my work to you??
I always carry my book to read on the train if I can't sit but yesterday I was sewing pieces together on the train and bus even while standing. Deadlines!!

Finn said...

oh my but you have pretty greens there Sara! Love your color choices, and congrats on having that step done are really on the ball! And extra string blocks, amazing!! Have fun with whatever UFO you dig out, hugs, Finn in a blizzardy WI