Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Puss-in-the-Corner ready to gift

I finished putting on the borders today, and it ended up being 56" x 86", a long twin.  But that's good.  Gives a little more to tuck under the foot of the mattress.  Or maybe it will be a "snuggle" quilt for a long sofa.  My first UFO [Un-Finished Object] completion for December.
Here's the whole thing, draped over the love seat.

Other news on the eye front:  Dr. Gindzin, my regular doctor for macular degeneration, says that both my left eye, which worried me last week, and the right eye are "fine".  So I did not need an injection in the right eye this time.  Come back after New Year's, unless I notice any changes.  Hurray!

All I had to recover from this AM was the dilation in both eyes.  But that just meant I got to lie down and close my eyes for two hours after we got home.  When I got up, there on the floor by the bed was a "gift" of the dog's stuffed squirrel.  Guess he thought I needed it more than he did.



Charlie to be my driver
Another UFO top to Margaret's Hope Chest
First real snow of the season, lovely


Julie Fukuda said...

Oh, Well done! I love the way you used those scrappy reds and a little extra length is a good thing. Congratulations.
My biggest problem with quilts is that once they are together and begun quilting, they are too big to haul around and have to be satisfied with bits and pieces of my time when I can sit and work on them at home.

Carol, Song of Joy said...

Dear God, forgive me for coveting that quilt. It is just beautiful, Sara. And great news about your eyes!!! What a gift in itself. Bless you for your diligence and generosity!


Finn said...

Excellent news about your eye!! I didn't know you were dealing with the MD, or if I did, I'd forgotten. You accomplish an amazing amount woman!, vision challenge or not. Makes me wonder if you sleep??? The finish looks great! Can I mark it down as as extra for you on the NYE challenge??? I'd love to! Hugs, Finn