Saturday, January 8, 2011

Block Lotto winner!

My name was drawn as a winner in the December Block Lotto.  Everyone made a pair or more of these fun trees in black and jewel tones.  This past week I received these seven sets, and I'm to receive a total of 23 PAIRS.  WOWSER!  That's 46 in all!  These were from Andi, Deana, Ginny, Laura, and Wendy Lee.  Thanks so much ladies!   I'm trying to imagine how to set these together.

The sun this morning was another inspiration:

The temperature was down to 6 degrees F, so the frost was heavy, and then we have been having "lake effect" snow for the past  several days, making everything fresh and pure white.

Indoors I've had another delight:

Peter gave me this orchid plant last Mother's Day, and now it is blooming again.  That's not a whole year of waiting, but this second blooming is a great gift in the midst of January in Michigan.  We have it on the kitchen eating counter so we enjoy it many times a day.

Still slogging away at the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll piecing of blocks and trying to make them come out the right size.  About 20 blocks to go.



The Block Lotto!
The Sun!
The orchid blooming!

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Mary Lou Weidman said...

LUCKY YOU! I adore the tree blocks you have received so far. Just wonderful and what a fun quilt that will be!