Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taking a break with Green

I had my every-four-weeks Eye Doctor appointment this AM [wet macular degeneration], and he said I had to have the injection of Lucentis into my right eyeball again.  I had been able to skip it for the two previous visits, so I was sorta expecting this, but somehow, when he said, "It's leaking," [bleeding in the back of the eyeball]  I was once again struck with how hard it would/will be to get along with really impaired eyesight.  I kept trying to relax, but every time I thought of it my shoulders were all bunched up and tight again.


Between the dilation and the injection, I have to shut or cover my eyes for about four to five hours and try to sleep.  Practice in impaired eyesight.

As things got less fuzzy this afternoon I decided to try sewing more green scraps together -- no fine points to match or need for exact seams!  I put together some already started pieces and made a length of 72" or so to add to the strips I have been assembling for a donation quilt.  Green is good.  Growing things, etc. 

Maybe after dinner I can go back to the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll blocks.



Charlie driving and sitting with me in the waiting rooms
My quilts for snuggling/resting
Able to enlarge print on computer screen


cityquilter said...

bummer indeed, sara. i've been temporarily sidelined again with shoulder issues, also a bummer. been reading roberta horton book and it's like being in a candy store with a wired jaw....LOL

Sandy said...

Sara, I have been a "lurker" with your blog for some time now. I really enjoy how much you accomplish with quilting and how enthusiastic you are with life. I had an eye scare a year ago and had to see a retinologist for several appts. At 63 I know anything can happen and we should cherish every moment.