Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals for 2011

1. Keep knitting socks.  Get comfortable starting at the toes, cause then I can use up all the yarn if I want to.

Here is my second attempt at starting at the toe.  I ditched the first attempt, which was doing two at once, and that was too much to learn at one time for me!  This is how much I got done while watching the Rose Bowl game and eating a Snack Dinner.

2.  Keep working on the UFOs.  Here are the twelve I plan to finish this year:


           1] Double Four Patch


          2]  Pale, Pale Stars


          3] Purple Baskets

          4] Bright Row Robin

          5] Batik Samples


6] Pineapples

7] Amish Sampler

  8] Purple Chain

9] Fall Leaves

10] Lenten Hanging

                      11] Marston Squares

                     12] Cabin in the Woods

Judy Liquidara has pulled out the number 6 for this month, so I should work on the Pineapples.   I have a few more UFOs, which are very close to completion, so I am not listing them.

3.  Keep on making new Quilts That I Like.  I have done a lot because they were "necessary".  Now I want to do more pleasing myself, and challenging myself.

Those are my Goals for this year.



Last year's finishes of UFOs still amazes me!
Started the year by spending a lot of time in the sewing room having fun
Some progress on the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll mystery blocks
"Snacky" dinner of shrimp and veggies


Julie Fukuda said...

It looks like you have a good start on many of these.
I have been thinking of trying a toes-up socks. I think one of my friends has a pattern for them.

Finn said...

Great list of goals Sara! I can tell by looking at them, some are as elderly as mine...LOL Or maybe they live in cramped quarters *VBS*
I have no doubt you can finish them all and more. Hugs for a productive new year, Finn