Saturday, January 15, 2011

RRCB Border strips

I worked on the border strips for the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll quilt top most of Friday.  I had two 24 segment strips together from leader/enders on sewing the blocks together, so I had a mere 95 more segments to add.

And some un-sewing and re-sewing to do to create twelve triangles for the corners.  I know, I know, there aren't twelve corners!  However twelve triangles are needed for the construction.  Those are also made.

Next:  trimming all the edges of both the top itself and the four borders.  I can do this.  But maybe not today.



Lunch with Bob and Glennis in Lansing
Kate's soup
Clear roads for the driving


Vicki said...

love your borders. looks like feather boas. LOL

cityquilter said...

sara i AM impressed with this quilt and all its pieces. i too love bonnie's patterns but usually don't do her mysteries because i need to modulate the size a bit, most of them are too large for me. and btw, thanks for all your comments on my blog!

beth said...

wow!! lots of pieces and what a fun picture of YOU!! ;) That made me smile.

LuAnn said...

I just love your Cotton Boll mystery quilt. I jumped from the HST step onto the others and now need to finish them so I can put the top together. Your colors are wonderful! Great job.