Thursday, January 20, 2011

RRCB backing

I had enough extra pieces for the borders to make a strip the width of my backing for the quilt.

I didn't have a third width of the homespun plaid to do the whole backing in that fabric, so I added some more of the navy print I had used on the front.

Oh, and there were this many MORE left-over pieces!
So those will go in the "Orphan" box for some future purpose.

Now to get my gear together for SpoolSpinner's Bee tonight.  We need to bring some already made blocks for a teaching project, and of course, hand work, and Show and Tell items.

Maybe I'll get a few more rows knit on the January sox.



Crock pot simmering dinner
More "lake effect" snow cleaning outdoors
More orchid blooms


Vicki said...

love your back. your colors are great.

Finn said...

Great job on having so few leftovers, plus what a bonus to get more stash used up like that! Great job Sara!
I've taken on two Hope Chest birthdays at Margaret's and when I was telling oldest DD about it, she got excited about it. She picked a child, and we will do a quilt together for that one. Meaning at my house with my machine, LOL. Just love the whole purpose of MHC, thank you for sharing that with us. Hugs, Finn