Monday, January 10, 2011

More trees arrived

More Block Lotto trees came today.  They are 6 inches wide and various heights.  These are from Cathy in Australia, Beth in California and Mary Jane in Georgia.  That about covers the map!

Still slogging away at the blocks for Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.

Box of "parts" and three finished blocks. I think I have 18 of the 30 I need.  I could make a smaller quilt, but all the parts are made.  Then what would I do with them?  So I slog onwards. Seems to take about 20 minutes to construct one block out of the parts.



Good stretching at exercise class
Leftover spaghetti for lunch
15 minutes of clean-up in sewing room made a visible difference


beth said...

happy my trees arrived safe. ;)

Vicki said...

I like your RRCB, still working on mine, too. I like your blue. I should have done that instead of pink. I am tire of pink about now. LOL

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh you are so organized. No wonder you get so much done!

kim said...

I love the colors of your roll blocks. Green and blue are my favorites. It is cool how the different patterns of those triangles make such wonderful frames for the other parts. All those details are intriguing to my eyes but I am sure that it is so tedious to put it all together. Thanks for sharing. I am eager to see it as a quilt.