Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sox Progress

I'm well past the toe shaping, and on to the even stitches of the foot section.  A careful study of the stripe pattern shows that the two balls of yarn were wound from opposite ends of the stripe pattern.  Not a thing you can tell when you are buying the yarn, but, what the hey, just another instance of "planned" irregularity.  As we are about 1/5 through January, I analyzed and concluded that I am on target, about 1/5 done with this pair of sox.

I finished three 10" blocks for Victoria in our SCRAP Bee, made to her design.  I will mail these off tomorrow and complete my January responsibility with that fun group.

Mostly I am still working on the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll blocks.  I have finished the "alternate" block of neutral strips, and now they all needed to be trimmed.

This is not a fun part of the quilting process and is very exacting.  Plus I have only gotten 6 of the "real" blocks together instead of the 30 that are needed.  I am malingering because the six I made did not measure up to the size required.  After trying to build one with a smaller seam allowance, I discovered this caused a worse problem , non-flatness.

Only thing I can think to do now is to CHOOSE the smaller size as my "normal" size.  That means re-trimming all the alternate blocks AGAIN!  Dang, think I'll go do a little more knitting.



Right eye seemed fine after a night's sleep
Got to exercise class like a good Dooby
Pesto on noodles as part of dinner, summer flavor!

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Scrappy quilter said...

You've been busy. One day I'm going to learn how to knit socks. One day.