Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day mystery & UFO plan

I chose from my Red fabrics for the Jelly Roll they proposed.  Starting at about 10:30 am I cut and sewed together 6 patches, 54 of them.

Then sewed light background strips on one side to make them square.

And they are now laid out like a Rail Fence; this is three rows out of nine.
I had to go rescue the pot roast from the crockpot for dinner.

And now that dinner is done and put away, I'm not very interested in this quilt.  However, the inner border is already cut, and the outer border, cornerstones included.  So I'll chug along to avoid leaving ANOTHER Unfinished Object right on the first day of the year!


I have added a sidebar of the UFOs at the beginning of 2012.  Judy Liquidara has a challenge to finish one a month.  I'm listing TWO for each month with the plan that I will finish ONE and then do some work on the other.  Hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot here.

She drew # 5 for January.  So finish the Planet Patchwork mystery and then on to the Batik samples:

I wonder how many additional pieces there are in that bag.  I know I have a box of more batik charms, but maybe not that charcoal fabric.



Lions didn't look as bad as they could have! 
Pot roast success
Leftover cookies are mostly GONE

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