Monday, February 25, 2013

Making Browniues

Over the weekend I was wishing for some kind of sweet to eat, and there was none in the house.  Charlie was away, and I couldn't drive out to get anything.  Then I remembered some boxes of brownie mix.  Oh, YES!
Found the eggs.  Turned the box of mix around, to check the other ingredients, and couldn't read any of the instructions.... DANG!  I even knew that there were little pictures up above the instructions showing the needed ingredients, but I couldn't make them out either.  Forget it.  No brownies for me on Friday.

Saturday evening Kim came over to go to the symphony with me, and do the driving.  Ha-ha!  I got her to read the ingredients to me as I wrote them down in LARGE letters with a really black marker.
Ready to go the next day!

Sunday, got out the eggs to warm to room temp, got out the oil, got out the chocolate chips and pecans.
Time to turn on the oven. . . . can'r read the starting temperature!  [Red numerals against black box on the oven controls.]  Can't remember if it always starts at 325 or 350 degrees.  DANG!  No brownies for me.

Charlie came home by supper time, and read me the oven starting tempe [350] and I finally made the brownies.  A three day project.

But now I have brownies.  And I really appreciate them!



People who will drive me
People who will read to me
Anticipation builds flavor

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Sharon said...

I'm sorry to hear that your vision is becoming so poor. My friend also has macular degeneration, and has a wonderful hand-held magnifier that helps her. You might consider something like that, to help you be a little more independent. Look at this:

Good luck. I know this is so challenging.