Wednesday, May 6, 2009

9-patch progress

The 9-patch and hourglass blocks blocks are done, or nearly done. I know I'll be under a few when I get to the end of putting them together. BUT I started the sewing together of the rows, and it's going pretty quickly.

These are all the "same" row, and there will be a different row in between each of them that has the oppposite 9-patch (four dark instead of five). I'm planning 17 rows of 11 blocks (4.5" finished) each.

I need a rather "thoughtless" project because I am listening to the last Womens' Chorus rehearsal on my MP3 player all the time. I hope that if I listen enough times I will pick up the Finnish and Polish language words that I need to go along with the notes that I already know. Plus I never studied Spanish. I've got the Arabic, and we are allowed to use our music for the Japanese. Concert this Saturday with 14 pieces. Woy, yoy! (That's Polish.)



Charlie is back from his retreat
MP3 player
"Am I Kin to Sorrow", words by Edna St. Vincent Millay

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