Sunday, May 31, 2009

Waiting to bloom, and fully blooming

The peonies ae not ready for prime time around here. Some people are showing their beautiful peony blossums, but mine a little hard balls, without even a big, black ANT to show for themselves. More waiting required.

The big blossumed iris however ARE ready. They are coming into their own TODAY. The small iris are almost finished, but these beauties are the stars right now.

There are changes in the garden everyday.

And my cousin Andrew from Vermont is in town for a conference. The last time I saw him was 12 years ago. He is nine years younger than I, so we didn't get to know each other as kids. "Andrew" is a family name he shared with my father, and our great-grandfather. He and I share our birthday, which thrilled me when I was 9.
We shared stories about our families, churches, and interests--a good conversation over lunch and later sitting on the deck enjoying the sun on the lake.
Then DS Peter and DDIL Lynne came over for supper, also on the deck.
A lovely last day of May, family, sunshine and flowers.
Pentecost Sunday celebration at the Dominican Center--lots of red clothing
Tasty lunch at the Greek restaurant
Reconnecting with Andrew

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