Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wild Phlox and Sox

When we bought this property sixteen years ago, I don't recall ANY wild phlox to be seen in the spring. Little by little they have moved in, and now we have this glorious spreading patch on the hillside down to the lake.

And there is even quite a bunch next to the garage.

The yearly changes are fascinating to watch--and require no work!

Another burgeoning growth pattern is in the "double file" vibernum I planted, maybe eight years ago. This year's blossums are very full.

Here is a less prolific "American cranberry vibernum". I have quite a few of these, acquired from the county agricultural extension as little sticks. They are now about eight feet tall.

I finished this set of grey striped sox for Charlie while we were travelling. My double pointed knitting needles are made of bamboo, and (therefore?) caused no problems with the airport security forces. [Next knitting sox project visible to the left.]
Decrescendo party for the Women's Chorus last night
A Saturday with no list of things to do
Zeke begging to munch our cantelope rinds

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Jeanne said...

The sox look great, but I love the phlox and vibernum! Does the bush have a wonderful scent?