Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lake Tahoe

We are back from our trip to visit friends in California and re-visit Lake Tahoe after 35 years.

We re-visited the seminary (CDSP) and took the Dean out to lunch. We enjoyed a jazz club in Berkeley, and a German restaurant the next day on the way to Tahoe. We rode the Tahoe Queen out into the lake, grilled steaks, and took life easy. We drove through the Donner Pass on our way to Sacramento. We saw the pear orchards around Courtland and had lunch with other friends. We drove into San Francisco on Memorial Day afternoon--and the traffic was NOT heavy. We walked along the Bay, then sat facing the Bay and airplanes landing for supper in a bar with the Laker/Nuggets game on the bar TV.
It took a whole day to get home from the west coast, but here we are, and the mail has been picked up from the post office.
Time to think about some more quilt construction!
Visit with Aunt Peggy, Bruce and Carol during layover in Minneapolis
Charlie Ramsden and Frances' hospitality
Conversation with Johanna & Jay
No travel difficulties

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