Friday, May 8, 2009

"Arrows" quilt top

I finished sewing the blocks together yesterday. It seems a little narrow for a twin bed. Today I added an old red stripe fabric as the first border to this 9-patch and hourglass top. Now that I can look at it from a distance, I see alot of "arrows".
And here is the current selection for the outer border, a navy blue with tan stars.
I am hung up at the moment about whether to add that border NOW, or try doing some quilting first, and then add the border later.
Really I have just run out of oomph.
Everything ready for the reception after the Womens' Chorus concert tomorrow
Symphony tonight
Have learned some of the Spanish!


grammilou said...

Wow, I love that quilt! The narrow red border and the wide blue border with stars just really set off the profusion of colors and put them into the right perspective.

I've often found it much, much easier to quilt in parts, and then sew them together afterward. Just makes it that much less material to manage at once.

Let us see the project when it's complete!

Sandy said...

Ohhh...I love that navy with it...really makes a statement!

Rose Marie said...

That navy border gives it a final touch. Take a few days off before tackling that border .... I find it is easier after a breather. Love the quilt!

ROZ said...

What a super quilt.

Violette said...

Wow! The quilt is gorgeous.