Friday, May 1, 2009

Garlic Mustard Removal

We did indeed go to pull garlic mustard yesterday. And here you can see the "pullers" gathering, and how wet the ground was. At least that made the plants come out of the ground pretty easily--they have a tap root, like a carrot.

The naturalist who instructed us said that the plant killed a necessary fungus or microbe in the ground which makes 90% of our native plants unable to grow nearby. That's the problem more than shading the ground. And it continues to grow and go to SEED even when pulled out of the ground, so we had to bag it all up and take it away.
Fifteen people showed up to do this work. Here is the Township Manager about to pounce on a large specimen.

And here is one more shot of the quilt I finished yesterday.

This shows the uneven circles that I free quilted in the inner border. Jusat another "liberated" look while I am learning to be more consistent. Oh, well, learning takes experience. And I think I might keep this for myself for a while.


Charlie & Peter off enjoying baseball together
Lots of help pulling garlic mustard on MY property
A little sunshine today

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