Saturday, May 9, 2009

Garden before Concert

I took a walk around the garden this afternoon in order to calm my spirit.

The concert tonight has me very worried I will "let down the side" and make mistakes affecting all the basses and our performance.
So it is very good to see that the pink saucer magnolia doesn't care if I hit that interval correctly.

Nor do the late multi-bloom narcissus.

And I can see that the peonies are still coming up behind this group of daffodils.

The white "Snowdrift" crabapples are in full bloom and the dark rose crabapple is coming along.

And yesterday DS Peter invited us over for dinner on Sunday.....
Then the UPS truck drove in, to the dismay of Zeke. And the box contained.....

Roses from DD Martha and her family for Mother's Day.

So what's to worry about?
Mother Nature is still handling a lot of the world, and my family will love me even with mis-sung notes.


A LOT of right notes
The sturdiness of nature's processes

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ROZ said...

Happy Mother's Day. Lovely flowers! I have a magnolia like that in our courtyard.