Friday, January 20, 2012

Another find

Moving the daybed out of my sewing room has resulted in finds.  "Lost" ancient artifacts appear in strange boxes and containers that I am now opening.  These triangles were once cut for a Kalidiescope quilt.  After I sewed a few sections into circles that had humps in the middle, I gave up and stashed the triangles away.

Later I found them and decided to sew them into strips for borders because the circles weren't working.  I didn't really need the borders, it was just another day that I needed come "mindless" sewing time.  Then they were put away again.

Now they came out of the bottom of a box that was only half full, so I was distributing the contents into OTHER containers.  [I call this progress!]

It looks to me now that this could be put together, not as borders, but as a baby quilt for our neonatal unit.  And now that I have taken a photograph, I have to put the photo into my album of UFOs, thus making my UFO list longer.

On the other hand, I HAVE finished [to the stage to sending it out to be long-arm quilted] my UFO for this month's Liquidara Challenge.  Therefore I can do whatever I want for the rest of the month!  Are these triangles what I want to work on?  Maybe.  At least if I get them together as a TOP I will have made some progress.  It might even be small enough to quilt on my machine......

Still thinking as I leave the room.



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Nifty Quilts said...

These look great this way! Some lucky baby out there!

Gayle Bong said...

I love it. Some of my quilts have evolved this way too.

Richard Healey said...

I am sure that I have asked this before but already forgot the answer what is UFO I know its a not completed list but its bugging me I cant figure it out.

Clare said...

It would make a lovely baby quilt, but would also make a great centre for something a bit wild and liberated.