Monday, January 2, 2012

Design Wall!!

So now I can really post about what is on my Design Wall!

Here it is between the bookcases:

 This is the completed top from the Planet Patchwork New Year's Day Mystery.  I think they called it "Chips and Strips".

And here is the whole thing, including the bottom edge.  The dimensions are about 54" x 72".
I changed their borders a little.  



Design Wall!
Other little jobs cleared up
Shrimp dinner to go with the Rose Bowl (family tradition)


Julie Fukuda said...

My son sent me a flannel sheet that I am hoping to use as a design wall. I may attach it to a bamboo pole so it can be easily hung and rolled. The quilt is so bright. I don't know what the border plan was but I like to see some of the red in there. Good start to the new year!

Nann said...

It looks as though 2012 is off to a good start for you, Sara.

I use a large piece of Warm & Natural batting as a design wall. I'd had the same piece up for about 7 years....last week I took the bold step of taking it down and turning it over, revealing a fresh surface unmarred by thousands of little thread bits.

sophie said...

I like how you changed up the borders on the Planet Patchwork Mystery. I have some plaid flannel strips and am thinking of using them in this design for a fast flannel quilt--I really want one now, but I know that soon it will be too warm for flannel in Texas. I think something fast and easy like this is the right way for me to go.

beth said...

That border fabric is just PERFECT!

Rabid Quilter from CA said...

I like that you did yours scrappy but one color! I didn't like it as much in a multi-colored configuration. Very nice!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Great job on the mystery! Mine is still in piles of pieces!

cityquilter said...

far out sara, looks terrific and it'll be super useful too no doubt

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for the product description. The grommets are perfect as well as the grid -- who knew?

Your quilt is looking wonderful as well! 8-))

Bonnie said...

Nice job on Chips and Strips. Um, mine needs to be laid out. I love the one color chips. And, I like the border you picked. I have a distinct feeling I'll be changing the border from the boring cream fabric I used to create the stair step look. Darn, I wish I hadn't cut all of the borders out.... oh well. Yours is an inspiration to me! Thanks

Michele Bilyeu said...

There are so many people....who on very bad days...wonder why they ever had kids in the first play. Well, there you go! Dang, they come in handy..I think judging from your lovely proliferation of quilts, that he got it from you!!!;)