Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Behind in the sock challenge

I joined in the "12 in 2012" sock challenge of Denise at the beginning of the month, or maybe it was at the end of December.  Anyway, the idea is to use up the yarn stash by knitting a pair of socks each month, OR a total of 12 during the year.

You can see that my progress is only covering the feet up to the ankle.  That gray line of waste yarn is where I will knit in the "afterthought heel" when the leg portion is finished.  So meanwhile it looks like tube socks.

My hope is that I will get a lot of knitting done in February when we are driving down to St. Louis and spending time with DD and her family.  First finish this pair, and then go on to another.


Quilting event:  String Mania

I decided to pull out some strings from my String BIN to take along on retreat this Thursday.  I need to move some of those strings along to a quilt top.  The trouble was that when I had a pile on my table, I went on to cut them into 18" lengths, for no good reason other than the length of my cutting mat.  And then I started sewing "a few" together.  Until today I had 18" x 10" sections that were mixed colors, and all red, all black, all green, all blue.

Then I went on to cut a few into 8.5" squares and make HSTs.

But now I'm going to STOP working with these strings!

I need to organize my other projects for the retreat.
I need to go to the dentist.
I need to make treats for the group.
I need to go grocery shopping.
I need to pack.
I need to sleep.
I do NOT need to sew any more strings together!



A day with no appointments, never left the house.
I had fun with strings.
Charlie brought home BBQ rib tips for dinner 

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Kathie said...

but sewing the strings together is fun!

socks look great!
love that yarn