Monday, January 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday = Bargello

Here is the state of the Scrap Bargello quilt.  The segments are sewn together and then I added a scrap neutral inner border.  Next will be the red strip hanging there, and then dark blue.

This is another of those projects that just "happen".  I found three strata and just took off from there.  First I thought it would become two neonatal quilts, but not so,  it's turned into a twin.

Before I leave for the RumpledQuiltKins retreat on Thursday, I hope to have the borders on and the backing put together.
[I also found some printed panels that are pretty awful, but could go together for a BACK.]



Leftover spaghetti for dinner, so not much cooking
Medical massage loosened up my shoulder
12-hour decongestant


Clare said...

Sara - it's wonderful. From old beginnings .....

Love leftover pasta too.

Mary said...

I love this Sara, one of these days I'm going to make one myself but I'll make it in blocks not in sections.

Carol E. said...

I was just thinking earlier today that it might be time for me to make another of these. I've done two, I think. And you know it's impossible to use up all your scraps.

Kathie said...

looks great! amazing how it all works together. I need to make a quilt like this its so graphic.
oh I would love to see the back, printed panels are fun for backs