Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Using old HSTs

I found a number of green and neutral HSTs, and a smaller number of 3/4 STs [3/4 QSTs?]  all of which had to be squared up.  I started fussing with them and they weren't the same size.  The HSTs squared up to 4.25 inches!  What kind of a number is that for a quilter to work with??!

Well, I did.  And now "at the end of the day", I have a baby quilt center that about 26" square, but don't quote me on that measurement or that it's really square.

There were two different green fabrics used, but the tone was very similar.  One has stars outlined in white, which comes across as messy splotches.

Tomorrow I'm going to spiff this up with some colorful borders.



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