Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Design Wall

Two quilt tops that I have recently described are now on the design wall so that I can imagine what will do for their backings.

I have two tops ready with their backings for my friend Catherine to run through her long-arm machine.   I want to add the toddler quilt to that pile for delivery this week.

And then I want to get the doll quilt totally finished and off my list.

Good news!  The Batik Charms top is all sewn together, and I found the backing that was bought for it a couple of years ago.  So that is one that is ready for Catherine.  This is my UFO #5 for the Liquidara Challenge.  I cut the binding, so that is ready too.

Getting to the stage where I need to make the backing is always a slowing down point for me.  I'm trying to get over the hump with these so they are really out of the way.



Woke up in my BED this morning, not the recliner
Made it through exercise class better than recently
Spaghetti, comfort food, for dinner

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Julie Fukuda said...

Coming up with backings is a sticking point for me. I am such a tight-wad, not wanting to go out and buy anything, yet few of my fabric collection is bought in large size. You are really inspiring with your goals!