Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Design Wall

My "jelly roll" strips, which I constructed out of FQs and hourglass blocks, is now all sewn together end-to-end and pressed.  Photo shows them pinned to a wall screen with the insides showing.

The sewing did not take very long at all, but I unthinkingly always turned the strips all in the same direction as I laid them together.  This resulted in a spiral of 79 [approximately] twists in the one long strip.  I discovered this when I was pressing them, and thought, "Oh, I can line these up as I press so that they are already for that first loooong seam."  That made the twists show up right away.

Usually one can get rid of twists by simply holding the strip up in the air and it will slowly untangle itself.  This one was WAY too long to hold up.  So a lot of time untwisting by hand.

All done now.  Just need to put it away somehow for the retreat so it doesn't get tangled again!



In A.M. able to make up some lost sleep
ONE brownie a day
Medical massage took away some aches


Barb in Mi said...

Your home made jelly roll looks beautiful! I may have some Orca Bay units left as well - since I opted for a smaller version. Great idea for using them up.

Pokey said...

What a pain to have it all twisted! It sure will be nice looking though!