Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Advent 3

Maybe you need to be assured that we are celebrating Advent?

Yes, we light the candles for dinner, three this week.

Yes, the Advent Wreath banner is hanging in the kitchen.

Yes, the creche figures of Mary and Joseph and the donkey are making their way around the livingroom under the beneficial eye of the angel.

I'm not working on any quilting. I'm working on a sermon for Sunday afternoon when our congrgation will celebrate the ordination of a son of the parish on the feast day of St. Thomas, the Doubter. The combination of these is my topic. How to interweave them is my problem.


Breakfast with my Reunion group
Shopping for the church Christmas basket
Escapism reading


Diane said...

What a beautiful post ~ a gentle reminder of the reason for the season.

kim said...

I love the simplistic beauty of your banner. It reminds me of many advent projects with the children at church. It is lovely. Kim