Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quiet Tuesday

I have to finish one more UFO for Finn's challenge, and the Caroline Crossroad was calling to me from a corner of the pile on the bed in my sewing room. I am at the stage of sewing the already quilted section together. But I haven't done this before and I find it to be onerous. Therefore it was set aside after 1.5 of the 3.0 seams were done.The seam of the day had been sewn with the batting and backing pulled back out of the way already. Today I finished this half-done seam diagonally across the back. First I trimmed one side of the backing to 1/2 inch to fold it over the seam line. Instead of sewing the folded back edge down by hand, I used Elmer's GLUE, a la Sharon Schambers binding technique. Then I sewed the seam again from the front to hold the glued edge on the back. It almost worked. I had to sew down three one inch areas by hand afterwards.

Now there is a much shorter seam left, and tonight I did the trimming of both halves. It helps to "just do the NEXT thing" when I'm dreading a job, or don't know how I'm going to get the whole job done.

When I was very frustrated with the carefulness required for this, I saw some bright blocks I had pulled out when I was working on the doll quilts. The pinwheels are from a project at least 12 years ago. I followed a truly RANDOM placement by a blind drawing of the next block, and then the next row. Here it is at the next stage, 5 x 5, which comes out to 20"x20". Now I can let it rest for a while more, as I think about white or black for the first border. This was enough of a break for me to go back to the other project.
Never left the house today
Public radio's classical music
Another step done on a tough project


Sharon said...

I love your little pinwheel quilt! The randomness is just right for it. If it were my choice, I'd go with black for the border, as it makes the rest of the colors glow.
Loved seeing those turkeys! They're pretty big! We used to have a group of wild turkeys that lived near us in California. They had a pretty wide range and it amazed me to see them in suburbia!

True Blue Nana said...

Those pinwheels just sparkle! so neat. The black border really sets them off. I live on the edge of town but I could swear I saw some wild turkeys in our neighborhood last week. they looked just like those in your picture.

Nanci said...

I love pinwheels, still have some from my first quilt. yours look soooo much better. Love the colours as the quilt came together.
Yes I agree with True Blue Nana, the border just does it...

Sandy said...

Love your pinwheel quilt, very nice. It has an Amish feel to it.
Way to go on finishing your UFO's.

Anonymous said...

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