Saturday, December 6, 2008

Orphan medley in process

Here's my distraction of the day. I am so IRKED with the finishing of the back seams on my Carolina Crossroads that I keep finding other things to do "for just a few minutes". Then I don't return to the Carolina Crossroads!

This will be a baby or toddler quilt for someone at Pine Ridge. I had quite a few orphans blocks in my 4.5" drawer, in fact they were filling it to the brim. So I grabbed them and some already cut 4.5 inch strips yesterday, and got the middle of this together. To me it looked rather blah, so I went with bright borders. Now it is pinned, so I have another chance to practice my machine quilting.



Bread dough in fridge, ready to go

a warm house

ham sandwich


Jeanne said...

Very cute baby quilt! I love scrappy.

Diane said...

What an utterly charming quilt! I just love the scrappiness of patterns and fabrics. The color balance looks great. How long did it take you to put this together?

Christina said...

this is so beautiful! So nice to just ditch a project that's frustrating you and dive into something simpler...