Monday, December 29, 2008

Year end UFO work

I have been in Finn's Challenge to work on UFOs before the end of the year. I said I would do FIVE between September and Dec. 31. Saturday I picked up #5 from my friend who does long-arm quilting. This is (nearly) a queen-sized quilt--so I had handed it to her rather than attempting it on my domestic machine. Today and tomorrow I'm going to finish the binding and label.

These 42 Sixteen Patches were left in a bag about 15 years ago, and I finally got the center of the top together at our Bee retreat in September. It took me a couple of months to get seriuous about all those setting triangles to finish it off.

I don't have anough more of the blue for the binding, so it's going to be the green.

This is an unusual size for I usually am making twin sized quilts for Pine Ridge, or toddler quilts. Maybe I'll keep this one, at least for a while!


Like many of you, my other project for the end of the year is to get everything in the sewing room back on the shelves. I did some work in order to clear the bed for a Christmas visitor, but otherwise the room is a disaster.



I HAVE a sewing room

Sunshine today

Wind Storm did not cut our electricity

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