Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Icicles in the sun

As Charlie was driving out of the garage this morning, I saw the sun was shining on our crop of icicles. A nice change after days of cloud producing snow, rain, and FOG.

Here's the wider view. So great to see the blinding white after days of darkness.

My colonoscopy was "fine" the doctor told Charlie (in my presence) but I don't remember a word of it. Came home, ate a small supper and went to bed for another two hours courtesy of the remaining anesthetic. Only trouble was I missed Jon Stewart's commentary on the Illinois governor. We don't really need comedians as long as we have politicians, said Will Rogers.
Dianne took me to the doctor's office
Charlie came straight from his meeting
Now I can assuage my THIRST


Nancy said...

I just read Friday's Zeke's snow angel!

Sandy said...

Beautiful snow and icicles!