Friday, December 19, 2008

More on Advent banner

Earlynne asked about how the banner in the previous post was made, with the idea of copying it for her church.

I took a class on making wreaths with "snippets" by Cindy Walters. Here is a shot of the bottom of the wreath where you can see the different fabrics which were backed with a fusible web and THEN cut into snippets and laid out as a wreath. When everything was positioned correctly, they were ironed down.
I added the candles with their little strip of highlight in the same way, with fusible web. Before adding the flames I finished the quilt--borders, minimal quilting and then binding and a rod pocket at the top and bottom in the back. (I put a straight curtain rod in the bottom to help keep it straight.)

The flames are not permanently attached because each week of Advent the number changes. I suppose I could have attached ONE, but I made them all the same.

I cut circles of a fashion fabric (which is translucent and has sparkles imbedded) for the light auras and with fusible web again attached the fabric outer flame shape, and the inner flame shape. These four completed circles are stored in a kitchen drawer until needed. Each week another one is simply PINNED in position. I always hope that the pin heads will be mistaken for another one of the sparkles.

This photo is to give a sense of the size, 48" tall and 54" wide. It's pretty big for the house banner, but I have a bare wall behind the counter stools where I hand fairly large quilts.

Here you can faintly see the banner on the back wall through my kitchen window from the outside.

So are there any more questions?

Winter storm here since 1 AM. Looks like all the schools are closed, and the COURTS. I don't remember that happening before.

My statue of a cherub reading a book is standing in front of that post. I guess his head is under that little peak.

These are regular height chairs on the deck.


Friday is one of my "stay home" days, so what if it has been snowing since 1 AM.?
SpoolSpinners' holiday party last night
Making progress on my sermon

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